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Declaration on the vulnerability “Shell Shock”

Dear clients,

With respect to the news that recently “Shell Shock “has circulated in Internet about the denominated vulnerability, and caused by an error of programming in the shell bash (with 22 years of antiquity, because he appeared in bash v1.3 for the first time), from doblenet we want to inform to him:

  • No of our systems has activated the execution of scripts cgi, which does to them invulnerable of direct form
  • The shell bash is not the command line interpreter by defect in any of our systems (we used Debian, and therefore /bin/dash)
  • Bash of… Continuing has been come to install the most recent version available of the shell reading

Announcement of support extended for Squeeze (LTS)

Today the tenth and last smaller revision (point is reread) of 6,0/Debian “Squeeze” has been published, marking the end of a period of almost 3 year and a half of complete support. Squeeze was released day 15 of February of 2011, and has come having attention and dedication on the part of the equipment of Security (Debian Security Team) and of throughout Rereads (Debian Rereads Team) this time, materialized in ten revisions of this edition of the operating system Debian. The official announcement on the part of Rereads Team says, summarized:
Notice that this actualizaciónno constitutes a new version of Debian 6,0, but simply update… To continue reading

The electronic commerce beat record of invoicing in 2013

The data of invoicing regarding the electronic commerce in Spain have been published recently during the last section of 2013, with a result that we considered significant ---every time it comes to consolidate a tendency--- and hopeful by its sign: the expectations of sales by this concept in 2013Q3 have been surpassed. The numbers published by the National Commission of the Markets and Competencia (CNMC) indicate that the electronic commerce in Spain supposed, during the third trimester of 2013, a 3291 volume of M€, with an increase of 21,7% on the same period of the previous year, as turn out… To continue reading
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