Managed mail

Our service of managed mail contributes to a great value and yield to our clients. Supported on our technology of management virtualmbox, that is in constant evolution for more than 10 years.

It is a propietary and flexible service, adapted to the characteristics of the companies, and different from habitual the paquetizadas solutions.
With us it will have all the potential of a professional system of mail, without high costs of implantation nor maintenance, but with all the advantages (updates, security, backup, etc.) and without preoccupations.

It will be able at any moment to remove the maximum yield from the service of mail because it can accede to his mail from all the movable devices of the company (including telephones and tablets), as well as from the portable tablecloth equipment and… with a consistent view of his messages.

As characteristic basic they emphasize mailstore virtualized and superfluous, the access multi protocol (POP3, IMAP4 and webmail), management of quotas by mailbox and domain, control individualized and of fine grain of the user permissions.  We give simultaneous access IMAP to the mailbox from multiple devices, as well as by means of our webmail advanced with technology AJAX.

As characteristic differentials we supported to extensions of direction and sub-mailboxes managed directly in the servant, as well as access to the postmaster to be able to ask for advanced diagnoses of the delivery. In addition, it will have the best systems of protection to its mail.

Our services of added value:

  • Pre-I leak anti-malware integrated
  • Filtrate of UBE (SPAM) verified including in the price
  • Complete Trazabilidad of e-mail messages
  • Car-compression of the old messages in the servant, to save space (optional)
  • Automatic processing of messages in the servant, configurable by the user by means of prescriptions “sieve” (optional)
  • Redistribution/arrangement/automatic processing of messages in folders by means of Artificial intelligence and processing of natural language.
  • Tools of mailing (optional)