Filtrate of Mail

Also based on our technology virtualmbox, the mail filtrate will avoid that the mailboxes of entrance of mail of their company fill of mail nonwished/Spam and malware, causing that their corporative mail is safer and effective.

Filtrate anti-Spam is automatic so that it does not have to worry, is monitored constantly and essentially it does not have false positives, because the criteria by ricochet are very strict.

This service allows to establish an ample variety of filters, with which it will be able to make his corporative mail much more easy to manage for his employees, since it allows so much to redirect messages to other people as soon as they arrive until automatically rejecting messages… directly from the servant and without the need that its program of mail is working.

The main filters and characteristics are the following:

  • Filtrate by content analysis
  • To mark senders as well-known: it allows to add email addresses who previously will not be analyzed by the filter.
  • To mark not wished senders as: it allows to add directions from which it will not receive mail, being eliminated by the filter.
  • Mail nonwished: it will store at the request of the user messages that do not wish to receive in their tray and will be able to define what to do with them.
  • Finder of messages: it allows to look for post office per date, sender, subject, key words and to order them.
  • Administration and management of the criteria of filtrate, and the possibility of loading its own prescriptions of processing.