Backup online

With our software service of backup online it will avoid the loss of important data for his company, creating a backup copy that will assure the information in an external servant, having it always available before any unforeseen circumstance. The advantage to have the backup copy in a totally independent place to its organization allows him to recover the data without no problem, so that pass which pass its company always will be safe.

It will be able to have a copy file classified and ordered per days and hours, essential so that you can recover the information from the moment that wishes.

Our datacenters prioritize to the maximum the security of the system, with servers protected by passwords, previous authorization, anonymous biometric control and racks. Reason why their data will be always safe at any moment.

  • Based backup copy that it does not require of his intervention.
  • Simple and automatic copy, being able to program the hour or hours to which it wants that it is realised.
  • It will be able at any time to reclaim his archives in which it wishes.
  • Daily report of the state of copies.
  • Valid for almost any operating system.
  • Multilocation: it as much copies the data of the central offices as of the branches, they are where they are.