“For that they do not want complications, we perfectly offer our paquetizados and managed services in the form of solution. Of this form, it will stop having preoccupations to receive answers.

Our equipment of pre-sale will help him to choose the suitable solution and parameters more to its concrete needs, and it will attend to him in the implantation process (and migration, if there will be it): to contract and ready.

Its Web, lies down or application online, in perfect state, at any moment
VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Safe communications between its different headquarters and with their employees
Telecommunications; Voice and Data
Optimal operation and without problems of its TVS and video-conferences
Infrastructure as Service [IaaS]
Completely externalizadas technological solutions; It only pays reason why it consumes
Recovery of disasters
Until an authentic “mirror” of its infrastructure, so that it can continue working even if it happens the worse thing