Hosting WordPress CMS

WordPress is a CMS (manager of contents) and tool of blogging done in PHP. The 27 of May of 2003 by Matt Mullenweg were announced for the first time, as a derivative of b2/cafelog, and it has not stopped improving since then. Thanks to its architecture of plugins and its system of “subjects” and groups, it is a tool powerful and versatile, but also very simple to use.

In August of 2011 WordPress was used by 14.7% of “top 1 million” of Alexa, and approximately manages 22% of all the websites that are inaugurated: this at the moment makes the most popular CMS in use.


Hosting WordPress managed

With WordPress and our management it will be much more easy to him to have updated his webpage day to day, being able to include all the necessary information for his clients, photographies, pdf, videos, new pages etc., to make his flexible, personal and much more unique business.

In addition to the superfluous infrastructure (on our Nova platform) our equipment takes responsibility of the updates of the manager of content and plugins, guaranteeing the compatibility and stability of the services at any moment.  We maintain the system in optimal state, so that their page is fastest possible.

As part of our package of services, we as much created backup copies of his contents (the image and data base) as of all their installation, allowing him working with all confidence.