Corporative mail

We design complete solutions of corporative mail, adapted to the needs of his company.

It will not have to worry about anything, our professionals will take care of all the necessary one so that its mail works adequately. Realising updates of security, backups, creating new old users or clearing, etc.

It includes filtrate of mail, so that it will be protected against malware, Spam and other wished mail, not causing that all data are safe.

Optionally we can offer the following services to complement the corporative communication:

  • Lodged and managed instantaneous mail: based on standard protocol XMPP, used by Jabber, Google or Facebook, it allows instantaneous and asynchronous communication between his employees.
  • Fax2email footbridge: it will be able to receive faxes in his inbox of e-mail, without mattering where it is, of simple and comfortable form. It also has capacity to send them to lists of mail or mailboxes multi-drops, so that several people receive the message.