Hosting Magento

We know that its solution of e-commerce must give the maximum him of scalability, security, availability and yield: its store online always available, always fast.

Magentocommerce logoMagento is a solution of e-commerce of class “enterprise” able to manage the stores online more complex and filled with characteristics. With a flexibility without precedents, and a capacity of personalisation and incomparable control, Magento can negotiate its sales in Internet whatever the size of its business. This platform leader in electronic commerce allows him to interact of more intelligent form with its clients, to manage its levels of stock and to retain to its customer with greater facility.

Our solution of hosting managed Magento provides to him:

  • Guaranteed reliability and availability by means of SLA.
  • Yield in our platform optimized exclusively for Magento.
  • Stability because we did not saturate the servers. Never.
  • Complete security, by means of hardening of the platform, constant monitoring and certificates SSL.
  • Confidence to sell and more better, without worrying about the technology


During last the three years we have developed a platform specialized of hosting for Magento, with all the components (CPU, RAM, operating system, Web server, data base, cachés, interpreter of PHP) optimized to give the best result him, without you must worry nothing else that to sell.

In front of other suppliers, that offer a “fat VPS” with a standard Control Panel and all the components formed by defect or fit to fit the maximum number of clients in a single servant, our platform is fit to provide the maximum yield. Instead of to make him read complicated manuals of optimization and waste the time trying to form the servant, we give the ready service him to use. With response times of less than 2 seconds, he will not have to be hopeless seeing how their potential clients get tired to hope to that its store loaded and they go away.


For us, the security is something fundamental. And he is essential in addition for any solution to electronic commerce: our solutions of safe servant with certificate SSL and our services of security audit will help him to protect itself of possible attacks. Still more, Magento fulfills the norms of payment surely American PA-DSS [1] and facilitates the certification with 2 standard PCI DSS [].

By all means, our specialized system adiniatrators monitor and maintain the servers 24h to the day, 7 days to the week, leaving him to you frees to concentrate themselves in which its business grows.


Finally, it can be put in touch with our experienced equipment of support or ask for the collaboration of some of our expert consultants in e-commerce to help to remove the maximum yield him to his presence in Internet.


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  2. ↩))