Infrastructure as service (IaaS)

Combining private networks virtual cradles in MPLS, our service of VPN managed and the services of dedicated Co-location and/or servers, we implanted the best alternative to integrate all the internal corporative communications with a safe presence in Internet. For it the dedicated servers form as one soothes more of VPN with the possibility of being the only corporative joining point to Internet, which allows thanks to locating a solution of firewall that all employees accede safely to Internet.

Service “Public Cloud”

Surroundings multi-renter with our solution of managed virtualization — ideal for a fast scalability and a fit cost.

Service “Private Cloud”

Solutions cloud prevailed: we lodge, we operated and we managed its own “cloud” as part of our infrastructure, benefitting from this solution without the complexity associated to its handling.

Service “Beaches Cloud Metal”

Servers physical exclusively, without virtualization and provisionados in the act; ideals for applications with great load of ES (p.ej., data bases)

Additional services

We offer in addition the following services:

  • Lodging of talked back systems: the use of the virtualization technologies allows us to lodge an retort of its corporative systems in surroundings physical surely and protected. This guarantees the continuity of its company before any eventuality.
  • Storage online: based on our CometNas technology, it allows him to lodge great amounts of information in our systems, as if a external hard disk one was (it will appear as a letter of new unit in his PC or a folder of network in his Mac)
  • Lodging in off - site of the backup copy: our systems of storage will contain a copy of their data, suitably based, that could at any time be recovered that is necessary.