As particular case of the Infrastructure as Service (IaaS), we offer our solutions of Platform as Service: “you operate the applications, we we were in charge of the rest”

We have diverse optimized solutions to the different service loads. Each of them runs in a set of servers especially optimized for each of them: a manager of contents is not the same that an application of support, nor both have the same requirements that an application of e-commerce…

Platforms Available

Management of contents


We have the optimized platform faster Magento of Spain. Literally, ahead to its competitors in the sales: times of load of page of less than 2s, by very heavy that is their group. Our basic servers of data are optimized to try until the greatest inventories: hundreds of thousands of references? There is no problem!

Application servers

Systems optimized and managed Tomcat and JBoss. Capacity to serve tens as thousands of concurrent requests.

Data bases

We are able to optimize as much MySQL as PostgreSQL to offer the maximum yield and reliability to him. Horizontal and vertical particionado replication and of data, based on the requirements of its application.

Recovery of disasters

We can also lodge a twin platform of which you must in his own one datacenter, completely synchronous with that you operate in his own CPD. This way, an electrical connectivity, failure to feed, or other disaster will not prevent him to continue making business.