Hybrid Hosting

Although the hybrid concept of “hosting” is relatively recent, we think that it has a great potential ahead: unlike the technologies and developments that concentrate the attention and of which we are oyendo constantly, the concept of “hybrid hosting” is not going to replace all previous… but quite the opposite.

The services of hosting hybrid combine the best qualities of the mature and proven services that has preceded it, allowing to a flexibility and functionality that cannot provide any of the other technologies in which it leans.

Hosting hybrid doblenet is flexible and of high performance, because it combines:

  • Virtual machines completely isolated some of the other
  • Servers of high performance to support the applications

… of simplistic form we could say that one is servers of particionado high performance in a few VMs with resources dedicated exclusively to each.

Characteristics and Benefits

Virtualization Their applications are independent of real the physical infrastructure on which they run
Reliability The real isolation between the virtual machines (“particionado”) causes that the failure of an application cannot influence in the others
Yield because it does not share resources
Economy  (it only pays what needs)
Flexibility Complete access (even “root”) to the complete virtual machine

Mainly, the hybrid service of hosting is the commercial answer that has given the market of VPS in nodes on sale sobresold, with very poor yield: it combines the economy and flexibility of the virtual private servers and the determinist and generous predictable power/of the dedicated servers… our favorite combination!