Managed Authorized DNS

Our managed service Authorized DNS allows him to take the control from its zones DNS, trustworthy, safe and easily comfortable.

How it works?

Simply, it indicates in the Control Panel associated to his name of domain “to use other servers of names”, and introduces and It already is: as of that moment, it will be our cluster of servers DNS those that solve requests to their name of domain.

For more details, it can visit the page that describes our technology of Authorized DNS.

Characteristics and Advantages

Trustworthy and Robust
Guaranteed availability of the service of more of the 99,99%
The service is still lent by means of individual clusters of servers, so that always the requests are taken care of, during operations of maintenance. Also Geo-superfluous Opcionamente --- we take care of requests of its different clients from two datacenters
Capacity to take care of more than 100000 QPS (consultations per second)
The service works day and night, although their servers are in maintenance or its connection to Internet fails: it will never lose an e-mail more because its service DNS is not available
We support all the types of RR (Resource Record) existing, including SRV, SPF, AAAA [IPv6], HINFO, DNAME, SIG and all the registries necessary to qualify DNSSEC.
White brand
It can provide our service to his own clients, under his own brand:, and to benefit from all advantages


Our two service consists of authorized cluster of servers --- that they answer the consultations of clients DNS ---, interconnected with a masterful cluster, that manages zones DNS and it is in charge to maintain the state of the zones. Services of communication with the servers of the clients and of monitoring and management also exist.


Based on a commonly well-known architecture as “masterful hidden”, the concrete content of its zones DNS (or those of its clients) resides in a servant DNS (who can also be managed by us); this one servant notifies to our service DNS of the changes, which comes to make a transference of zone (AXFR) from its servant to communicate the changes. As of that moment the consultations that become will be responded using the up-to-date information.

For independent SMEs and

Instead of depending on watch DNS lodged in servers controlled by a Control Panel and to expose themselves to lose the access to its data and post office before a failure of the same, can use our servers to contribute to him to reliability and redundancy.

For Medians Companies/Suppliers on watch online

It provides services online of flexible form: with our service it will be able to move and to vary the infrastructure with which it serves according to totally needs it form is transparent and without interruptions. Ask to us how!

For ISPs

With our service “it marks white”, it can provide all the advantages to him to his clients, without no of the worries.

Optionally, we can install several pairs of appliances that integrate our technology in their infrastructure, for a greater yield and reliability.