The more novel and flexible services of communication to its disposition. In Doblenet we cause that everything is easier so that you can communicate of the best possible way. To its disposition we have solutions for data communication, of voice and even videoconferences.


Data communications

  • Private network multi headquarters based on MPLS: with the technology of private networks of new generation the maximum level of security is guaranteed and reliability for its data transfer, supposes saving of cost against traditional VPN solutions and in addition it facilitates the complete scalability of the initial solution. This way it is possible to integrate any solution of access, or are those of the own delegations of the company or the one of any other organization to whom it is wanted to do contributor.
  • VPN managed: so that it is possible to be acceded from any place of the world to the corporative data of the possible safest way. For it an access to Internet is only necessary, a program installed in the computer and a personal key. Simple, easy and safe, so that it can work wherever it is.
  • We facilitate the international interconnection of headquarters: we to each other connect its headquarters, without concerning the country in which they are, adapting to us easily to the characteristics of the country and their communications, thanks to our ample experience in this field.


Communications of voice

We operate virtual, shared and dedicated telephone switchboards, as well as servers proxy SIP to optimize its calls and conferences. Between our solutions, we emphasized:

  • Virtual switchboard: from that to be able to centralize all communications.
  • Virtual headquarters with functionality outpost: with this technology he will be able to derive the calls from his numbers of attention to the client to our switchboards and we will be in charge of rutarlas to the voice mailbox automatically, adapted headquarters or agents more, according to the consultation.
  • Switchboards with capacity follow-me
  • We manage Rooms of dynamic audioconferences that facilitate and flexibilize the communication with multiple participants who are in different parts from the globe.
  • Service of advanced virtual assistant controlled by voice: it is a virtual receptionist able to answer the most frequent questions of his clients, and not being thus redirige the call automatically to the person or suitable department. The technology of recognition of audio, analysis of language and more novel artificial intelligence of the market.
  • We give the possibility directly of receiving the messages of voice in its mailbox of e-mail, with possibility of total integration (when listening to it on the telephone, the e-mail is marked as read and when reading the e-mail marks the message as listened to on the telephone, extinguishing even the light witness)