Recovery of disasters

We implant plans of recovery of disasters protecting the data and software and critical hardware so that in case of loss it can begin again with all data.

We include projects to face unexpected losses, human natural disasters or errors, in accordance with the needs and characteristics of its business.



The documents of its company, such as commercial supplies, financial data of clients, information, data, data bases, specifications of design and manuals are the result of years of development and accomplishment and its loss can cause great damages. Recent studies realised by Gartner demonstrate that “three of each five companies that experience a total losses of data close their business in following years both “. Therefore, it is necessary to assure that the solutions of backup and recovery of systems work each and every one of the times and to first.

Gartner Group indicates that “64% of the SMEs store backup copies in the same company, instead of outside; at any time a disaster can happen. A 60% of backups are incomplete, 50% of the recoveries fail, only 25% of tapes are stored outside the habitual site of work and the knowledge and fulfillment of the policy of backup only occur in 8% of the users “.

The human errors, hostile falls of the systems, actions, external attacks (specific as as much indiscriminate), robberies or – by what nonfloods, fires are cause of loss of data as much or until earthquakes. A good principle can be to verify the following questions

  • Become daily do backup copies of the data?
  • Stored outside the work place are the tapes or other means, and safely?
  • Really Work does the recovery of the data when it is needed?
  • How long take does the recovery of the data?
  • In case of multiple locations, it is possible to be assured that backup is carried out in each site?


Our professional services of preparation and implementation of Recovery of Disasters can solve these questions and avoid the problems derived from the loss of data. It does not doubt in consulting to us how.