Most of the suppliers of services Internet rent private servers (in best of the cases, the dedicated servers) to remarketers of great infrastructure suppliers — as they can be Arsys, OVH, 1&1 or American companies –, and compete in price or by supposed proximity to their clients.

On the contrary, in doblenet we have infrastructure in property: from the point in which our suppliers of connectivity give the volume to us of connection to Internet (ports superfluous and dedicated in switches gigabit) until the concrete application of our client, switches, PDUs [1], servers and systems of storage and management have been bought and they operate by the company. The operating system and the hypervisor, where appropriate, are installed, operated and maintained directly by our system adiniatrators, instead of employing Control Panels of other manufacturers (típicamenete Plesk or CPanel) that has a poor registry of stability and reliability.

We never will tell him: “the failure is due to a problem with our supplier of servers; we do not know when he will be resolute “.

Our operating record does not leave place to doubts: we have had a single not programmed interruption on watch (due to a human failure) from 2006: Sunday 1 of February of 2009. It was solved less than in 24h, without loss of data of our clients. Finally it will be able to be dedicated exclusively to his business and of forgetting the applications in Internet.
This is possible thanks to an exhaustive monitoring of our equipment and being located in the best one to datacenter available, property of the Interxion multinational.

  1. Power Distribution Unit, strip of intelligent power supply ((