Doblenet has, from always, complete a clear vocation on watch to the client: we worried about their presence in Internet, so that you can dedicate yourself to which she matters to him more.

Ours portfolio of services, that has been growing throughout the 12 years of experience of the founders in this business and through successes and errors in several companies, looks for to offer value and reliability.


Our proposal leaves from the philosophy “shrinking of shoulders is not an option “: all our infrastructure is own, and it is managed directly by our equipment; datacenter account with all the advances available, doubly superfluous feeding and refrigeration (Tier III+), and connectivity of the highest quality.
Still more, we used whenever our own technology is possible to us: this way we have the complete control of our systems and can guarantee the service.


Managed Hosting/managed Co
Dedicated servers, either in renting, or of its property. Patients by our team of administrators.
Managed Hosting and PaaS [1]
Lodging of its application Linux-Apache/Perl/Python or Linux-Apache-PostgreSQL-* or Java or RoR. Completely managed: it unfolds and forgets.
Services of communications of added value
VPN managed, communications of voice and videoconference. If it wishes it, we interconnected its corporative headquarters and we formed a corporative connection to Internet and its peripheral security.
Our service of mail and instantaneous mail completes the solution of unified communications.
Solutions to size/IaaS
Our department of engineering of clients will specifically design and implant an adapted solution to its needs.
Recovery of disasters
A subgroup of its computer science infrastructure along with one copies complete of its data, so that its business can continue working although pass the worse thing


  1. Platform Ace To Service ((