We are a platform of services of Internet with managed vocation on watch, whose main objective is to save work and preoccupations to him.

We own own technology, that we only used in case it contributes an added value, otherwise, we applied to the technology of the brands leaders in the sector. Everything to guarantee the best possible service to our clients. For us fixed solutions and services, if not that we adapted our knowledge and the technologies do not exist which we have so that you can have the best solution adapted to his needs and particularitities.

We only used teams of network and servers of manufacturers of solid trajectory and proven reliability.

Our datacenter one is in the Interxion building of Madrid, especially chosen by his connectivity: tens of operators and with direct access to the optical fibers that connect the capital with Barcelona and the rest of Europe.

We offer a unique security, reliability and service. It is not only guaranteed the security and availability of the data, but also the strict fulfillment the more of the LOPD (including physical security of racks).

The satisfaction of our clients is our priority. Put to us on approval, we will not defraud to him.