To maximize the availability and the percentage on watch requires a proactive strategy and with fast answer. The services of hosting managed doblenet offer monitoring that goes beyond the simple answer to alert or errors: we prepare complete information and analysis of causes (“root-it causes analysis”) that help him to prevent the incidences with sufficient advance.

Our services of monitoring for hosting/Hosting managed offer to a series of detailed information and access him to an engineering equipment assigned to their account: this is his forward edge of defense before alert, applying the best practices of the industry and years of experience to be able to design a detailed of monitoring and scaled plan of incidences.

Our equipment analyzes the information and the data of tendencies to be able to give the best recommendations him with those than to mitigate possible problems and to help to maintain a total visibility and control him of its systems and applications.


How it works?

To identify the systems to monitor and their characteristics (ports, logs)
To define the components to monitor and to define the operative parameters (CPU, RAM, HDD, URLs…) and its awaited values
To prepare a scaled plan of global monitoring and
Continuous improvement: To process the data and tendencies to be able to anticipate us to the problems