Management of Security

The mere fact to raise to a “iron door” between its systems and the possible threats is not a security guarantee: The authentic security uses proven methodologies to completely safeguard surroundings (and the physical devices that lodge it) and it updates the measures used constantly as it varies the panorama of threats.

doblenet can offer a multidisciplinary approach and multi-level to him to protect its solution against physical threats as as much electronic, using the best practices and all a series of directed actions to secure physical and operational security, of network, systems and applications and the data. Our managed solutions consider their needs and collaborate with their technicians to create a strategy of optimal security with which “to armor” its surroundings at the same time as the flexibility necessary is allowed to obtain the maximum yield when it is necessary.

Our safe surroundings and safety procedures of our DataCenters, along with our technological partners who provide platform/operating system, do possible that its company satisfies the requirements of the stricter certifications of security, as3 ISO27001, SSAE16/SAS70, ISM level5, etc.


Scheme of the Service

To define the security model (RBAC) and to identify controls
To define policies of update of S.O and applications
To define procedures of hardening and profiles of fire-guards
To prepare a detailed plan of security, management of changes and reporting
Periodically to review the profile of security and recommendations