MX+Relay service

If the solution to its needs of mail requires of a servant of mail lodged in its own offices — for example, a system based on Microsoft

®, we can optimize the operation of his communications:

Reception of mail

What happens if it fails the connection to Internet in my company?

Our service MX – always available it receives the mail by you, to give it to his servant of mail as soon as he is available again, saving time (the “exponential backoff “, by which the sending servant delay more and more time to try again the delivery) and possible problems.


Our service filters each incoming message, to later resend to its servant only the messages that are determined legitimate with the consequent saving of the precious bandwidth so that its business does not slow down. In addition, with this it is able to protect his servers of mail of great amount of attacks and to optimize his yield.

The flow of salient mail route through our servers, which does immune to its company to the “black lists” that they prevent to send messages, and is allowed him to have an exhaustive control of the salient messages.

Our solution also allows to implement what it comes denominating “hybrid domains of mail “, in which a part of the messages are given in a servant (Exchange, for example), and the rest in others (our platform or another one) and so it is allowed to optimize the cost of the service: