Managed Hosting

Thanks to our service of hosting managed it will not have to worry about the new technologies in his company, since our team of professionals is in charge of its construction, maintenance and management, enjoying all the advantages of a externalizado service. Also, it will be able to monitor and to control the managed solutions, so that everything is agreed to its plan of business.

Without concerning the type of Web, our portfolio of services of Hosting covers all the requirements with externalisation that wishes, from automatization with processes with business to storage with the information. Our service supports all the habitual languages of scripting in its last versions, as well as data bases MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Technologically superiors to the paquetizadas solutions based on a standard Control Panel, the service is lent on our specific platforms so that its Web is always available and in optimal conditions of yield:


We also have available the Sitemover service, an authentic change of its presence in Internet: we were in charge of everything, so that you do not have to worry about anything.

For those companies that count on a store online outpost, we counted on faster and stable the Magento platform e-Commerce of the market: our servers dedicated specifically to this task are optimized to only give the greater yield with Magento, unlike our competitors who limit themselves to provisionar more or less powerful a servant shared or VPS from their standard Control Panel.