RDBMS servers

A data base good structured, highly available and of high performance is crucial for the good operation of any multi-layer application. RDBMS (SGBDR [1], in Spanish) makes possible the access to the information and efficiently safe.

With our services of data bases (RDBMS servers) managed, a senior database administrator will collaborate with you and his equipment to design, to implement, to administer and to maintain the best solution of database server MySQL or PostgreSQL/EnterpriseDB for his present and future needs.


The process begins by a collaboration of our expert database administrators (DBA) with its architects of application and other members of the development equipment stop:

  • To understand the present implementation of its data bases
  • To analyze and to review the importance in its operations and how it interacts with the aplicativos
  • To determine the expectations of yield and the normal operative procedures
  • To raise the scenes possible and to determine the most appropriate activities

From this information, the DBA puts into play the best práctivas of the industry and their experience to design the optimal infrastructure for its data and the strategy of suitable management more for its objectives in the short and mid term, covering all the essential considerations of design.

Scheme of the Service

To analyze the present implementation of the B.DD., operative objectives and requirements
To identify optimal versions of SW
/ the most appropriate hardware
To prepare a plan of migration and strategy of management
Proactive maintenance: to monitor the yield and to sharpen the configuration

  1. System Relational Database manager, or simply, relational database server ((