Managed CDN

Organizations anywhere in the world are using, more and more, the Internet to make arrive digital contents multimedia at his cientes. Doblenet CDN (Content Delivery Network, network of distribution of content) managed allows him to optimize the delivery of its contents multimedia of a fast, effective and simple form. Our managed service will allow him to only concentrate in the content and to be not worried of the technical aspects.

The use of a CDN has all the sense to be able to offer files (images, documents) of great size, but also to make sure that their data are accessible and they appear of fast form to the entire world. For example, the transatlantic connections do not need turns penalized in their speed of unloading. Beyond the mere distribution of static content, also it is possible to send flows of video through our CDN. We specifically support streaming of video flash.


How it works?

Our system distributes the information from a central location to optimized specific servers for the distribution of digital contents of possible the fastest and trustworthy form. The contents multimedia are stored in a distributed system of servers I broke and is given from whom they can provide a faster access for the client.

Description of the Service

Our solution of managed CDN includes the following services:

  • Consultancy pre-sale (specific engineering specifications of the service for you)
  • Creation of the account in repositorio central (access SFTP/NFS or by means of API)
  • Provisionamiento of an user interface to consult the statistics of the service
  • Complete management of infrastructure CDN
  • Backup copy of the data of the CDN


Infrastructure on watch
  • Servers of high power
  • Connectivity Ethernet gigabit, to multiple suppliers
  • Peering with operators of all Europe
  • Delivery of the content on HTTP (optional HTTPS)
  • Possibility of operation “marks white” (
  • API REST available for management

The objects (files) can be stored in different servers from delivery of contents for their distribution to the users of the possible most efficient form. In addition to low demand, the API can be used to force the pre-load (asynchronous) of determined contents in the servers who are advisable.

A detailed description of the architecture is available in our page on technology: platform CDN.

  1. The content copies the CDN. This can be carried out by means of SFTP or NFS, and be automated by means of scripts
  2. In order to accede to the files distributed by the CDN a specific URL has to be used (that is generated by means of the administration interface)
  3. As soon as a client asks for a content of the CDN, the file copy in breaks it of the servant of contents nearer the client and it is stored in her during some time. All the subsequent requests will use from the cache. This is optimal for contents with great volume of accesses.
  4. The content keeps during a time limited by the total capacity available and the indicated policies of retention.

Our CDN works with hybrid mechanism push-pull:  the objects are copied during the first access, although also you can “push” the content the distribution network. The API of our CDN also allows “to preload” the content in the nodes.


We have developed plugin for WordPress (doblenet managed cdn plugin) that automates and simplifies the use of a CDN with the CMS WordPress:

  • When it loaded a new content multimedia (in the Gallery Multimedia of WordPress), our system will transparently talk back it to its account in our CDN
  • Widget in the writing-desk of its installation of WordPress offers information updated on the consumption of present aggregate and bandwidth of its CDN.


Capacity 200 GB
Transference 1500 GB/mes
Máx. hits including 2000000



Capacity 500 GB
Transference 2,5 TB/mes
Máx. hits including 5000000



Capacity 2 TV
Transference 15 TB/mes
Máx. hits including 30000000


and, by all means, any configuration as it is necessary, through our department of Engineering of Solutions.