Types of Hosting

Our services of hosting managed are fitted in two great categories, that are different in the facility to change the assigned resources to each Web.

Flexible Hosting

The service is lent in a platform that allows to change the scale of resources available for our website: from very small (a few thousands of visits to the month) to quite great (some million visits to the month) with our platforms Apolo or Nova, to one cloud climbs enormous (hundreds of thousands of visits per hour) with our platform of “hosting” — although we preferred to talk about to this service by their real name: PaaS, Platform as service

Shared Hosting

The service of lodging conventional Web, but with our difference: the servers are administered by qualified personnel, instead of using the typical standard Control Panel and to apply the “coffee for all”. Of this form we supported to all class of applications Web in accordance with forms stable and trustworthy.

Hosting “cloud”

The service completely lends on a platform burglaryable to demand: from a pair of CPUs virtual and 3GB of RAM dedicated in a single node, to tens of nodes with to 8 vCPUs and 32GB of RAM running its application ((the application must support to be climbed to multiple nodes; our engineers will be able to help him to make the modifications that are precise)) and a balancing set of load to absorb all the traffic that is able to attract.

Specialized Hosting

When its application needs a very specific configuration or a great amount of resources to give the yield that is demanded, we have the solution:

Hosting DV

The services of hosting Dedicated Virtual (DV) are our favorites: the flexibility of a virtualized platform and the yield of the dedicated resources: we never do overselling, so frequent in other suppliers, but we exclusively assigned resources (CPU, RAM, disc) for each of our clients.

Hosting DS

The Dedicated Server (DS), are the dedicated of always, although completely managed physical servers by our team of administrators. Indicated if it needs the power and flexibility of a physical servant exclusively (we recommended Hosting), but it does not want to jeopardize the investment associated to the purchase.

Services of Added value

Ask us for our services of managed CDN, authorized DNS, communications multi-sede/VPN,…