RGPD (GPDR compliance)

DOBLENET will be able to act as in charge of the treatment for third parties, in which case the corresponding agreements with each client that regulate the relation and the management of the data will be signed that are entrusted to us.

DOBLENET works exclusively with companies and specifically it does not collect personal data of any user. The treatment of the data, where appropriate, will be limited exclusively those essential ones to serve that each client contracts — legitimizing by means of correspondiene order to us the cession and management and only by the time that is necessary for the fulfillment of the entrusted tasks. In no case we will yield data to other organizations (neither companies of the group nor third parties), and will maintain the maximum confidentiality on all the information that trusts to us (except for legal requirement).

However, a DPO/DPD has named (Delegated of Protection of Data) before the AEPD to guard by the correct application of the excellent laws. Our DPD could be contacted through the email address dpo (AT) nationwidevpn.com in case it considers it necessary.

Typically, the interaction with its data — in the terms described by the RGPD- it would have to be carried out with the organization directly that compiled/manages its data. Despite the previous thing, if it wishes to exercise his rights directly ARC and it were to us possible to take care of the request (because we have sufficient access), it will have to provide a suitable identification (if so, the representation legitimation) and the necessary data so that we can take to end the request typically —, indicating his relation with a concrete client and el/los services where it is required to us so that we act.