SMTP/Relay service

Whether he is one as if they are billions, sends his mail with doblenet. We offer three direct options to them on watch smtp – plus other three options on watch of managed mail so that it enjoys a quality of exceptional delivery and the best possible experience.

Delivery of Mail
The acceptance of a mail is not a Right… is a gift To do it Well

The process to give an e-mail from the sender to the ‘Inbox’ of the adressee is not as simple as to beat “To send”. Behind each optimal percentage of deliveries, there is always a human equipment dedicated and with great experience, constructing a reputation and a technology that allow a success in the delivery. This is the experience that receives our clients.

Our service of e-mail relay/service smtp is based on our technology of mail virtualmbox. With more than 11 years of evolution, there is more effective, powerful and no flexible system that this.

Service smtp/Relay of mail



Standard service STMP

doblenet Delivery Lite

Enterprise Delivery

What is?

  • Alternative ports (587,2525) to avoid restrictions on the part of the suppliers (p.ej.: NemeSYS)
  • Authenticated safe relay by means of TLS or SMTPS (SMTP/SSL)
  • It sends e-mail without needing having correct inverse resolution. from any connection
  • Pre-I filter anti-virus of the salient messages
  • Optional information of shipment
  • Up to 50 e-mails salient per day
  • It sends lifted volumes of mail (mailings) or many individual messages (transactional)
  • Improvement of the rates of delivery, using dedicated ranks IP
  • Gluing and gives intelligent of messages — we hope up to 3 days
  • Pursuit of the sent messages/given, bounces and complaints
  • Possibility of extension at any time
  • Support to all test and service postmaster
  • Creation of SPF/Domain registries key
  • Ideal for very great volumes of transactional mail bulk or
  • It connects by means of smtp or our API
  • Gluing and gives intelligent of messages
  • Monitoring of the reputation
  • Optional pursuit of delivery, opening and click
  • Car-fit rate of shipment
  • Possibility of renting IP (s) dedicated (s)
  • Creation of SPF/Domain registries key
  • Information of bounces and complaints by Spam
  • Optional lists of suppression by user
  • Technical support extended and access to the postmaster
  • Manager of accounts
  • Global monitoring of deliveries


If he needs a servant mail relay, and not to worry about configuration DNS nor overloads of the servers  Ideal for organizations who send 120000 post office/month less than In order to send great volumes of massive or transactional mail, as integral part of its business

For Whom?

Individual users of e-mail or small businesses that are sending volumes of moderate mail Legitimate businesses in expansion that need more efficient forms to send variable amounts of e-mail and basic information on the delivery of their messages Enterprise corporations and legitimate groups with business that needs to send enormous volumes of mail with metric reliability and more information/