platform virtualmbox

virtualmbox is our platform of e-mail management, cradle in own technology. Originally based on certain components of software free and developed for more than 11 years to incorporate the advances and improvements of security it is a robust, powerful system, and of proven reliability.

The system runs on our Hermes cluster, in operation from October of 2006 and recently extended (previously, it was enough to us with a single servant).



The Mail Agent Transfer is the authentic “heart” of the system, and acts as an authentic router of e-mail messages. All the instructions for the management of messages are read of the data base, which us pemite to manage an amount of domains, mailboxes, accounts, redirections and filters virtually limitless.

In close collaboration with filters antiSpam, she is the person in charge of all the management of incoming and salient messages.


Data base

It contains all the information related to the users, mailboxes, redirections and the rules and filters that to apply on the same. Of original by our founder and evolved design throughout 11 years, it has capacity to express the flows of treatment of elaborated messages more.


The warehouse of messages, where all the e-mails keep since they are given until they are erased by the user.



Interface Web for the mail mailboxes; It allows to accede to all the folders that have been defined by means of IMAP, or to create them new. It incorporates the functionality to make drag'n'drop with the messages to classify them in one of the folders.


Ordered to apply to the rules and operations of filtrate, as well as periodically to execute the tasks of maintenance of mailstore.