Fulfillment of PCI-DSS v3

From the 1 of January of 2014 is norm PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) v3 in force, that already replaces venerable norm PCI DSS v1.1 — that it will expire the 31 of December of 2014.

Doblenet offers a solution managed platform that fulfills the specifications amply, so that you can concentrate yourself in his business without worrying don't mention it more.

What is PCI DSS v3 and how it affects to me?

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is a set of norms that regulate the protection of the electronic means holders of payment (debit and credit cards) and a series of indications with which to fight the robbery of identity (Identity Theft) in Internet.

The previous version of this norm, PCI DSS v1.1, was introduced in September of 2006 and will be effective until the end of year 2014. Since the beginning of year v3” of this standard is or in force the revision “and its fast adoption to all those is recommended warmly that take to end transactions in Internet which they imply debit or credit cards: indeed, PCI DSS v3 applies to all process in which it is stored, processes or transmit one or more Primary Account Number (PAN) or numbers account identifiers (they are debit or credit cards or equivalent)

How it benefits the service to me of Doblenet?

For all the supported solutions e-commerce/ERP/CRM, Doblenet provides a platform of storage and management of the sensible information (PAN, to title, lapsing, etc) that satisfies the requirements necessary to be able to implement and to certify a solution as “PCI DSS v3 compliant “.

What needs put on detail?

The concrete characteristics (datasheet) are detailed in our page of Platform PCI DSS v3