Whether simply it needs to lodge his servant in optimal conditions and with an suitable connectivity, as if it needs one complete solution of outsourcing of the management hardware of its technological platform, we can give answer him.

Our equipment counts on more than 12 years of experience managing servers in Internet: from stores online to massive platforms of sale and distribution of digital content, happening through CRM solutions with artificial intelligence. Let yourself advise by our technicians and will be able to concentrate in which it matters to him more: its business.

Lodging for its machines, in datacenter equipped with all the physical and logical guaranteed power supply, safety measures and with the best possible connectivity: more than 30 operators.
Managed Hosting
An authentic “lodging five stars” for its servers, in the best conditions available and with a team of professionals guarding by its correct operation at any moment.

We have infrastructure in property, which differentiates to us. This way, we can take care of his requests directly and solve any possible incidence in his machines without the intervention of third parties.

Our datacenter it is located in Madrid, which allows to guarantee the fulfillment him of the LOPD with respect to the transnational transmission of the protected data.