Managed Hosting

With our service of Hosting we offer the possibility to him of installing its own servant in controlled surroundings, with a high security physical and logical and managed by our team of professionals.

Maxima design flexibility. We assured a service to him, customized to size and only, it stops whoever they are the needs and characteristics of his business.

We took care of the management of network and the operating system that chooses; also optionally the applications supported necessary for the correct operation of the servant stay and administer.


We guarantee the lodging in totally managed, surely and discreet a space, with bandwidth guaranteed, a customized and exclusive attention on the part of our equipment.

Lodging his technological equipment in our facilities and our safe ones it dates centers, our clients have the security of which its business will be able to continue working pass which pass in its offices. In addition our Centers Data is equipped with the most efficient safety measures, emphasizing their control system of access and the guarantee of anonymity.

We are specialized in customized, unique solutions for its business and that adapts to the particularitities of the same, being able to include servers, switches, routers, examiners of accounts of load, firewall, detection of intrusions, storage and other devices to provide the most complete solution to him of the market. Our equipment of engineering pre-sale will design the most suitable solution to its needs.