It lodges a servant of his property in a DataCenter in optimal conditions. We provide the necessary space to him in closets rack with 19” and 80 cm basic, with guaranteed connectivity to Internet and superfluous power supply.

Our service includes:

  • Guided action.
  • Technical support, administration and delegated management.
  • Examiners of accounts of load and optional fire-guards
  • Access to internal networks dedicated for backup copy and management.
  • Logical network (VLAN) independent for each client.
  • Optimized database servers.
  • Internal interconnection and rent of equipment
  • Connection with the room of operators (Meet-me room).
  • Optional possibility to have console servant KVM.

We guarantee in addition the fulfillment to the Statutory law of Protection of Datos (LOPD) with respect to the data transmission of personal character beyond our borders. Our datacenters are exclusively in Spanish territory, and fulfil all the criteria of security and controlled access, reaching the requirements of the “data especially protected” by the LOPD.